Animate I.T.:
Website Design, Data Extractions

By Dave Johnstone

Click this blue panel to slide the panel down or up
This page exhibits example JQuery animations that may be used on your web page.

Demonstrate fade and toggle with different speed parameters.

Demonstrate box animation showing different animated shapes.

Demonstrate field focus and highlight.


Demonstrate a toggle between show and hide.

This is a paragraph that will be toggled between show and hide.

Demonstrate field slide and font-change.

This box slides right and changes font-size.


Demonstrate an AJAX external load of data.

Let jQuery and AJAX Change This Text

Move mouse over this paragraph to display a pop-up message.

Demonstrate an image zoom

Hover over image to zoom

Blinking Text Example

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Website Build Package
Creation of website (maximum 5 pages). Price: CDN$350 per website, $100 of fee due as an up-front downpayment, and $250 of fee due on project completion. Package does not include any additional external fees related to the project (e.g.):

  • Domain-name registration fee (annual fee)
  • Website hosting fee (monthly or annual fee)
  • Email-accounts processing fee (if relevant, a monthly or annual fee)
  • Any other fee related to domain name re-location or change of name server

Turn your WEB vision into reality!