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By Dave Johnstone


A data extraction processor from the Web or PICK

PixieRobot, is our programmable (scriptable) software utility, that can perform routine web-scraping or screen-scraping tasks on command. PixieRobot operates automatically in an unattended mode with precision, against most forms of targeted web-sites or PICK servers. PixieRobot will run on most Windows platforms.

PixieRobot is a web robot utility, which is a program that:

  • Visits a web-site
  • Reads the wep-pages
  • Inspects the HTML
  • Extracts or submits forms


  • Visits a PICK telnet server application
  • Reads a query or screen
  • Inspects the data
  • Extracts or submits updates
  • In this mode PixieRobot must use the functions of the PixieWeb DLL to operate

By processing instructions or rules written in VBScripts, it extracts data and saves the data in another more structured format. PixieRobot only visits the pages/queries/screens needed, making the extraction processes more efficient and productive, as only targeted data is collected. PixieRobot harnesses the full power of Internet Explorer (IE), and it is difficult to distinguish between its operation and a human user.

PixieRobot can extract pictures and text from Web pages, and process tabular and non-tabular data, and has the ability to automate FORM submits, process buttons/checks/lists, and perform database update processes.

The data gathered from the web or PICK can be stored on a local machine for subsequent processing, for example, storing dynamically in a database, or, sending to another system via email or FTP.

PixieRobot is programmed with VBScript and FREE samples of web scraping scripts are available on request. To access PICK servers the software utility PixieWeb is employed as a smart Telnet connector. Go here to view a live code sample.

Major Benefits and Features of PixieRobot include:

  • Reducing costs by using specialised scripts
  • Speeding up the process by automating the task
  • Eliminating errors and improving accuracy
  • Automated, targeted and unattended processing
  • Navigation to web pages and drilling down
  • Filling-in of forms/screens and submitting them
  • Capture of pictures and data
  • Useful as a host program environment for PixieWeb

When PixieRobot is running interactively, it will display it's console window on the desktop, which is used to control PixieRobot's behavior and monitor progress. As an example the operator may select the script that is to be run, and set other run-time parameters, or view which web page or database file is currently being processed. Alternatively PixieRobot can be set up in the task scheduler to run automatically.

PixieRobot has its own Command set that is used to manipulate the HTML code structure, and when used in conjuntion with VBScript forms a powerful and complete tool-kit.

Other Uses of PixieRobot

PixieRobot can be used as a Console to run any VBscript, whether or not it is data extract oriented, such as reading or updating files or data bases (e.g. MySQL), processing strings of data in general, and many other repetitive and useful administrative tasks. For further information visit our details page.

Data extraction Services

PixieWare Software can write WEB or PICK extract scripts on your behalf. The scripts are yours to keep so you can run as many times as required. You are charged a one-off fee for developing the programs (VBScripts), NOT per transaction extracted.


If PixieRobot is used to extract (scrape) data from web-sites, we expect all users of PixieRobot to read and comply with those sites existing legal (patent, copyright, trademark) notices and other intellectual property law assertions made by the site owners, in respect of their web-site contents usage. This message does not constitute legal advice, nor is it a substitute for the professional judgment of an attorney should you need assistance.

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