Website Development:
Website Design and Data Extractions

By Dave Johnstone

Examples of websites developed by PixieWare Software. Turn your WEB vision into reality!

Website Development Package Features

  • Hand-coded (editor written) web-sites, not template based - tailored to your needs
  • Inexpensive to create and set-up
  • Good looking, professionally developed, user-friendly, web sites
  • Flexible page layout and construction, manually controlled from start to finish
  • Flexible web-host location
  • Latest HTML and CSS used (including jScript and jQuery)
  • Meta Tag Creation for all Pages
  • Web-site is search engine ready
  • Will work in most popular browsers
  • Fast to load
  • Efficient in use of server disk space
  • Assistance with domain registration
  • Assistance with Email generation and email server/client set-up
  • Assistance with FTP site generation and maintenance
  • Friendly service that will explain all steps from inception, through development, to implementation
  • No compromise on quality

PixieWare Software's Website development includes:

  • Email and phone consultations to ensure clients needs are understood in relation to web-page layout and design (e.g. colour schemes, page links, graphics, and text-formatting)
  • Creation of web pages
  • Image processing is restricted to: retouching, resizing, cropping, reformatting, and other simple editing tasks
  • Domain-name registration
  • ISP Host selection
  • Web-hosting management, including FTP set-up, and site publication on the web.
  • Email account set-up and guidance on email collection
  • Web-site testing prior to publishing
  • Customer sign-off

Examples of websites developed by PixieWare Software. They turned their WEB vision into reality!

Example animation features that may be incorporated into your web page may be viewed here.

Example of an exciting new background style that may be incorporated into your web page may be viewed here. Of course the images may be of your own choice.

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Turn your WEB vision into reality!

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Website Build Package
Creation of website (maximum 5 pages). Price: CDN$350 per website, $100 of fee due as an up-front downpayment, and $250 of fee due on project completion. Package does not include any additional external fees related to the project (e.g.):

  • Domain-name registration fee (annual fee)
  • Website hosting fee (monthly or annual fee)
  • Email-accounts processing fee (if relevant, a monthly or annual fee)
  • Any other fee related to domain name re-location or change of name server

Turn your WEB vision into reality!